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Talked to my boss about keeping my position extending it and she showed me hella promotions and salary positions that were available and is rooting for me and hella has my back. Shes pushin my ass up to apply I am so thankful 💜

Just thankful for my experiences and time and everything that keeps me goin consistently in life. This summer experience alone has patched me up soo good I feel like my hearts getting real strong again. Gj everyone and thank u ^3^

Would it be weird if i rt
Would it be weird if i rt


Dear CNN, I just watched ~20mins of Wolf Blitzer in Israel, taking “cover” during sirens, interviewing an Israeli man at a gas station damaged by a Hamas rocket, and interviewing Mayor Nir Barkat (as he complained about having to cancel a film fest [Gazans can’t even watch the WorldCup at a cafe without being killed by Israeli airstrike] and painted not just all Palestinians, but all Arabs, as wanting Jews dead—among other stereotypes & lies).

You cut to Ben Wedeman in Gaza for ~2mins. Considering the 100+ Palestinians killed in 4 days vs. 0 Israelis, and 1100 Israeli airstrikes (one every 5mins) vs. Hamas’ 550 rockets, why not AT LEAST give equally prominent airtime for Ben’s reports interviewing Palestinians in Gaza or showing them running (but unable to hide from) Israeli missiles, or mourning their dead children?



Ghazala Mehboob Irshad (via standwithpalestine)


(Source: standwithpalestine)